30-31 Oct 2021

Polar Circle Marathon
30-31 Oct 2021

The Coolest Marathon on Earth

Ice as far as the eye can see. Incredibly fresh air. Musk oxen and arctic foxes on the stark landscape of the arctic tundra.

Yes, we are in one of the most remote corners of the world: Greenland. Feel the soft crunch of snow beneath your shoes while running through the arctic desert and over the Greenland Ice Sheet as you immerse yourself in rare and exceptional natural beauty... what more could we ask for?

The Polar Circle Marathon - often referred to as "the coolest marathon on Earth" - takes place in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. The endless ice and arctic tundra of this vast country are the backdrop for this unusual race, in which runners race through the soundless arctic desert past glacier tongues and moraine landscapes. This is a rare opportunity to visit one of the most remote corners of the world while daring to take part in an extremely challenging running event.

Runners can choose between the marathon Saturday or half marathon Sunday or run both by joining the Polar Bear Challenge!



We regret to inform that the Polar Circle Marathon in April 2021 is cancelled.
The ban, issued by the government in Greenland last year, on arranging sports events and similar gatherings of people is not expected to be lifted until the end of April at the earliest. In addition it is still unclear whether the 5-day quarantine currently in effect for visitors will be lifted by April or later.

All April participants have been emailed with details about their options.

The October version of Polar Circle Marathon 2021 is still available, and we of course hope and trust that the Covid-19 situation will not interfere with the October race.



While we remain optimistic that the world will win control over Covid-19 during 2021 there’s obviously still uncertainty and questions for the coming year. We have used the past several months to become as prepared as possible to organize races in the post-corona era and are positive that we can live up to various restrictions and regulations set forth by the authorities in Greenland. With that said, however, we understand that many of you may still wonder how Covid-19 will effect travelling in the year to come, which is why we have outlined our policy for possible Covid-19 travel restrictions to give you peace of mind while still being able to secure your spot at the Polar Circle Marathon.

If the race is cancelled by Albatros Adventure Marathons you will receive a full refund of the payments made to Albatros Adventure Marathons.
If the race is postponed to a later date you will have the choice between moving your entry to the new date or receive a full refund of payments made to Albatros Adventure Marathons.
Note that the decision to cancel or postpone the race will be taken no later than 4 weeks prior to the event, but in most cases the decision will be taken at least 8 weeks in advance.

If official travel restrictions prohibiting you from travelling to Greenland and/or Denmark are in place 30 days before the event you can cancel your booking and receive a full refund of the payments made to Albatros Adventure Marathons.
This includes restrictions disabling you to depart from your home country as well as restrictions banning you from entering Greenland and/or Denmark due to Covid-19 regulations.

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What a fantastic and intimate experience! I was amazed at the great logistics in such a harsh environment! Lars and Annette and the doctors were amazing hosts!

Lisa Forshey
2015 Polar Circle Marathon Finisher