Polar Circle Marathon

26-27 Oct 2024

Northern Lights Tour

The Northern Lights have fascinated humankind since time immemorial - mysterious and majestic, bands of color will swirl and dance above your head.
25 Oct | 2 hours | 45 EUR

The town of Kangerlussuaq is sheltered between the Greenland Ice Sheet, the fjord, and mountains, which all contribute to a stable climate with minimal cloud cover - they have roughly 300 clear nights per year. Adding to this, Kangerlussuaq utilizes artificial lighting sparingly and the backcountry’s cloak of darkness lies just a short drive away.

To begin our Northern Lights tour, we set off into the backcountry by bus. We'll quickly find ourselves in total darkness beneath Kangerlussuaq’s starry skies. Gazing upward, you will hopefully be able to see brilliant, green bands or flapping curtains of color waving across the celestial sphere. Shades of red, blue and violet are possible as well. This ethereal light display is the result of a scientific phenomenon where gaseous protons and electrons from solar wind collide with molecules in Earth’s atmosphere.

Color variations are due to the type of gas particles that collide, as well as the altitude at which they collide. Oxygen molecules at lower altitudes of up to 241 km (150 mi) produce the most common color, a yellowy green; then deepen to shades of red above 241 km (150 mi) high. Nitrogen produces blue hues at altitudes up to 96.5 km (60 miles); and vivid purples above 96.5 km (60 miles).

  • About the Tour

    Duration: 2 hours 

    Disclaimer: Please note that the Northern Lights tour is weather dependent. In case of cloudy weather, the tour will be canceled and a full refund given. And because the Northern Lights is a natural phenomenon, we cannot guarantee its presence. 

    Departures: The Northern Lights tour is an evening tour - typically it will run from 20:00-22:00, but it may be pushed an hour later if the chances of seeing the Northern Lights are better later. Also, note that the date shown is only an indication. We will do the excursion when the forecast is best, so it could be the evening of any of the days that we are in Kangerlussuaq. Your tour leader and the staff will keep you updated once we are in Greenland.