Polar Circle Marathon

27-28 Oct 2018

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Polar Circle Marathon 5-day package

25-29 Oct 2018  |  5 days  |  1 898 EUR
Welcome to “the Coolest Marathon on Earth!” Run on the vast ice sheet and experience breathtaking polar landscapes in this challenging running event.
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What others thought

It was a wonderful experience and the team made a great job making us feel secure and having every detail considered! Every penny worth it!!

Liam Lynch,
2015 Polar Circle Marathon finisher

I "got" all that I wanted: extremely cold temperatures, amazing landscape on the ice cap and along the road, end-of-the-world feeling. PLUS the organization was very good (considering the location...), the atmosphere between the runners at Polar Lodge very friendly. And the Polar Bear Challenge is such a good idea, for the challange AND for having the chance to go one more time on the ice cap, with possibly different weather conditions and so different "views".

Nicolas Muller,
2015 Polar Circle Marathon finisher

It was an unbelievable experience, one that was truly out of the ordinary. If you enjoy extreme sports and going to different places, this is one for you. It was also extremely well run by the team in the harshest of conditions.

Heather Casey,
2015 Polar Circle Marathon finisher